How To Properly Fill Your Tank With E-Liquid

Do you know how to properly fill your tank with E-Liquid? The most basic principle of using vaping devices is the one the many people get wrong. Whether using a small clearomizer with a starter kit or a high-end Sub Ohm clearomizer like the TFV4, there are some simple principles that you should always remember to get an optimal vaping experience. There have been so many times that I have received emails from people asking me why the brand new coil they bought tastes burnt after 2 hits it isn’t funny. Two minutes of education could keep people vaping rather than having them believing that it is an expensive alternative that tastes no better than cigarettes. I am going to take the next minute or two to pass along some information that you may have missed, information that is given at many Vape Shop’s. Unfortunately with the market growing outside of dedicated locations, via website’s and convenience stores, many new vapers aren’t receiving the most basic information about their devices. Kick back, relax and get your reading glasses on: We are going to go through the basics of filling a tank!

Did You Pre-Drip Your Wick

The most common reason for the dry hit blues on a fresh coil is simple. So simple in fact it will blow your mind. Most new vapers believe that putting e-liquid in the tank and waiting a minute will give the juice enough time to seep in and start vaping. When I started vaping almost 3 years ago, this was the information I was given and I blew through coils. The simple solution, which is now commonly accepted by everyone in the industry is to put a drop or two of liquid DIRECTLY onto the coil before assembly. By pre-dripping your coil, you aren’t relying on the pulling power of the fresh wick to get you started. This becomes ever more important as you move away from small clearomizer tanks where the coils cost pennies and move up to some of the industry beast’s, where a single coil can cost upwards of $8. Protect your investment and get the most out of your coil by dropping some liquid down the hole, you will notice the difference immediately.

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